Monday, October 17, 2011

Miu Miu Love...

Every season there are a few "it" accessories that grace the page of every fashion magazine. I think I first saw these shoes in Vogue and then later in a window at Bergdorf's. They are so sparkly and so much fun!

However, since they are no less than $890 (yikes!) I offered to sketch the infamous Miu Miu bootie after my coworker protested how much she loved them. Turning a shoe into art I guess is the next best thing to owning a pair... sometimes a picture will just have to do =) I hope you like!


  1. These Miu Mius are definitely popular. I may not like the shoes THAT much, but I love the texture and colour combinations of the black with silver glitter.

    I even gave myself a manicure based on the shoes ;)

  2. wow, wow, wow, this is incredibly amazing!!!