Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sweet Treat...

Just a quick little post before I finish packing. Tomorrow I'm off to the airport to fly home for the holiday. I cant wait to stuff myself full of mom's great food! What's your favorite Thanksgiving day treat? I do love a good slice of pie =) Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gem Envy...

I found this stunning brooch during a search for vintage jewels on Etsy. I love looking through the tons of old baubles and beads online. This one would look amazing on a velvet blazer or plaid coat!

I'll be the first to admit, this past month has been rough. I haven't been very inspired lately and have been working so much that I don't really have much time to get inspired... it's a vicious, vicious circle. But since it's up to me to keep going, I decided to plop myself in my little studio today and start drawing.

And I discovered that I really like drawing pretty jewels! It's a challenge to capture all the facets and sparkles but I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. I hope you have a creative week... almost time to travel home for Thanksgiving. I could really go for some hot cider and my mom's delicious corn tortilla soup. So yummy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday Wishlist...

The weather is getting chilly here in NYC and it's making me want to bundle up in cozy sweaters. Yesterday the BF and I went ice skating at Rockefeller Center... part of our staycation. We both needed a break from work and decided to spend the week doing all those New York City things that we never have time for. It's been so relaxing just staying home, sleeping in, and wandering around the city.

I'm still looking for the perfect pair of new boots. I'll hopefully be able to try these on in the store tomorrow to see if they fit. This cozy fair isle sweater looks toasty warm, and it's already cold enough to sport a pair of glittens! Even though I'm sad that fall only seemed to last a week (we had snow last Saturday!!!) I am excited that peppermint hot chocolate is back at Starbucks. I had my first of the season yesterday. =) Stay warm and have a good rest of your week!