Saturday, September 3, 2011

Southern Belle...

I have been meaning to go see The Help since it came out. Yesterday was the last summer friday of the year so the BF and I left work and walked to Kips Bay to see a matinée. What a touching, beautiful, and charmingly funny film! After a little research this morning, I learned the costumes were designed by Sharen Davis, you can read more about her here.

I love the silhouettes of the 1960's era so much, one of my favorite dresses has a full skirt and nipped in waist. The beautiful frocks pictured above are available at Modcloth. The designer of the first two dresses, Eva Franco, happens to have a beautiful blog as well! I love learning more about up and coming designers and seeing what makes them tick.

To find the dresses that inspired the sketches:
1. Pop Goes the Easel Dress by Eva Franco
2. Dice as Nice Dress by Eva Franco
3. Frock Band Dress by BB Dakota

I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend... time to soak up some of those last summer rays!


  1. Aw so wonderful!! The dresses are simply lovely.

    Meag xx

  2. aww... those dresses are so sweet and such a in the style of 50s! I could have them all in my closet:) beautiful picture as always Joanna, xx

  3. Jesus you are talented! Just discovered your blog, I love it. Check out ours at - would you consider doing some illustration work for us? xxx

  4. @ Meagan- Thanks! I'm so excited for this weeks festivities =)
    @ Flara- Aw thanks, I love little sundresses like these.
    @ SMS Style- Thanks for your comments! I'm flattered, what did you have in mind?

  5. these are so lovely! I wanted all of them!<3