Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surprise Feature...

Yesterday I came home from work to a wonderful surprise: the lovely Dot, author of Scraps, had featured my work! She wrote such kind words, I am so grateful and honored to be among her curated collection of favorite things. Everyone be sure to check out her blog!

The week is half way over and I can hardly wait for the upcoming three day weekend. Some much needed relaxing and macaroon munching will ensue... have a happy rest of your week =)


  1. wow, congrats!!!
    This must be very nice when someone writes about you:) I am happy with you:) xx

  2. It's a lovely feature! and many many more to come!:)
    Congrats Joanna!Keep up the beautiful work!:)

  3. @ Flara - Thanks! This was so exciting!
    @ Sunny - I'm so happy to see your comments, I've missed your blog posts!

  4. Oh wow, there's my blog! Seriously, so fond of your work. Can't wait to see what you draw next. :)