Monday, September 19, 2011

Confident Red...

Do you wear lipstick? I'm more of a lip gloss person but there's something so confident about a woman with red lipstick. This past weekend I finally went through my makeup cases and threw out half of what I owned. Some of it was so old, I have a tendency to keep things forever!

It's nice to see what I have now, the BF put up an extra shelf in the bathroom for all my 'stuff'. It's a bit girly but I like being able to see my nail polish all lined up and sorted by color. Such a silly thing, but it helps me maintain a sense of order. When I don't know where my life is going or what I want to do with myself, those little things do make a difference. I hope everyone has a productive week! It's only Monday and I'm ready for the weekend...


  1. Oh I love this illustration!!

    I usually wear make-up only on my eyes (they are cuter than my mouth :-p) but I do own a very red lipstick from MAC and not only I love it (and I think it's one of the few lipstick colors that suit me decently) but it really has a confidence-booster power on me!

    Every girl should own a red lipstick ;-)



    -The Red Dot-

  2. I barely wear any makeup (except for eyeliner on weekdays), but I do have red lipstick. After seeing your illustration, I might have to wear it more often!

    And I agree with Al! Every girl should own at least one red lipstick.

  3. Of course, I wear lipstick:) it's funny because this morning when I was really in a hurry, I left the house without lipstick, but I felt so bad that I had to.. join the first cosmetics store and buy a new one:) Then I remembered about your drawing, which I saw a few days ago and forgot to comment ...:) It is just beautiful! I love these colors - red and pink:) wish you a creative weekend my dear:) xx

  4. @ Al- I agree... I still haven't found the perfect shade tho. The hunt continues =)
    @ Aggie- Me too! Mostly just some concealer and mascara. But I am envious of the girls who look great in bold lipstick.
    @ Flara- Aw thank you so much. You always leave the sweetest comments!