Saturday, August 20, 2011

Corner Studio...

At last, my own space. Here's a peak into my apartment and little studio that has taken over one corner in our living room. My goal was to create a fresh, clean space that would make me want to sit down and draw. It's nice and sunny by the window which provides great natural light for drawing. The fashion illustrations on the wall are from my previous street fair purchase... yes it's taken me this long to find a place for them!

I picked up this octagonal glass container at Housing Works and it's the perfect size to house all my markers. It's so nice to see all my colors at once instead of digging through a drawer to find the perfect color. I've started to collect vintage biscuit tins which happen to be great for hiding extra drawing supplies that don't have a home. I love that this one has little feet. I'm still in the market for a tray to keep my erasers and pencil sharpener... perhaps I'll save up for one of these. So that's my new studio, I hope you like it... back to the drawing board for me!


  1. That looks so nice it makes me want to completely rearrange my art room now :)

    Veronika (

  2. Oooh love the look of your room! Very chic ;)

    -Aggie (

  3. Lovely pictures! Your room is very clean, bright and very, very chic:) In this room certainly is nice to work:) xx

  4. aww .. and I see your beautiful pictures in the frames! awesome:)

  5. You are so organized! Amazing work space, do I need to clean up or what?? ;)

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustrations

  6. Thanks, everyone! I'm so glad you like it. Looks like the bad weather will be keeping me inside this weekend... time to utilize the studio and make a mess =)