Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pencil Portrait...

I saw this image of Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette on Pinterest today and remembered a portrait I drew based on that very photograph back in college. It's from 2006 but I still love it and I will forever hold that movie on a pedestal as one of the most beautiful costume dramas ever envisioned. Oh to be back in school... and have time to devote to large, fully realized pencil portraits!


  1. so nice!!!

    it looks like an old black and white photograph, now i just imagine it being framed...

  2. Wow you drew THAT using only a pencil? :O
    It's stunning!

  3. It's simply AMAZING!!!!
    You should do these more often, you have such an attention to details! I thought it was a photo at first in my bloglovin' list!
    I'm pinning it right away :p


  4. @ Sunny- Aw thanks! It is kinda vintage-y looking =)
    @ Aggie- Thank you! I went through a bunch of pencils on this one, lol.
    @ Al- You are too kind! I would love to do them more often but they take so much time... I still have some half finished ones that have been sitting under my bed for years. Maybe I'll get back into it this summer =)

  5. wow that is really impressive!!Your drawing is absolutely beautiful!!! You got a real talent Joanna!

  6. @ Flara - Thanks so much! This one did take awhile, lol. So glad that you're back on your blog =)

  7. Ahh I pulled up your blog and was like WAIT! I remember this one! It made me super nostalgic of our college days. You're doing such great things Jo. =) <3 you, Court

  8. Thanks, Court! I miss you too =)