Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christian Louboutin / Bergdorf Goodman : The Contest, Part 3...

The night of the event finally arrived! The dress code for the party was red and I ran all over the city the weekend before trying to find the perfect dress... and shoes... and bag. I'm not a very fancy person and realized throughout all of this that I own absolutely zero fancy clothes!
At this point I was exhausted, had been working non-stop on this thing for a month, and just wanted to survive it all. I finally found a cute little shift dress, some sparkly tights, black satin bow pumps, and fun chandelier earrings. I had no idea what to expect... I imagined everyone wearing Louboutins and ball gowns!

As it turned out, not everyone was dressed to the nines and I felt completely comfortable in my little red dress. Before we all went up to the shoe salon, the models wearing all five winning designs posed for a group shot. I jumped in the pic along with another designer, Hyeyoung Kim

The highlight of the night was meeting Mr. Louboutin himself and having him sign my dress! He was so sweet and reserved. I also met Linda Fargo, Fashion Director of Bergdorf's. She was fabulously dressed in a sparkly 30's style flapper dress and had tattooed herself all over with sequin hearts and stars. Half way through the night, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator brought out a cake and sang 'Happy Anniversary Mr. Louboutin.' Everyone celebrated with delicious cake pops!
After eating, drinking, and dancing it was time to go home. I finished my fairy tale night with some delicious macarons that my lovely coworkers gifted me...
Well that sure was an adventure! I'm so grateful for the opportunity and am so appreciative of all the support from family and friends. And I have to thank the BF profusely for putting up with my crying/cursing/maniac self the past month. Okay, now that's done... back to reality =)

*Missed Part 1 & 2?


  1. Looks like an amazing night!
    p.s. you look lovely in that red dress!:)

  2. Your dress is amazing!

    Oh Joanna, this is just like a fairy tale!

  3. Joanna!!!! What an incredible journey, holy smokes girl, you fit right in there!!!! I've said this before but you should be so beyond proud of yourself. What an incredible accomplishment. I'm sure it won't be back to reality for you. Things will just go exponentially upwards!!

    Lots of love,
    Meag xx

  4. @ Sunny- Thanks so much! I'm so glad I found something =) And so glad you're posting again yay =)
    @ Aggie - Oh it was such a fairy tale... I wish it could have lasted longer!
    @ Meagan - Thank you so much, you're so sweet. I hope I can keep it up! We must catch up soon =)

  5. W O W, Christian Louboutin:)) I agree with Sunny - looks like an amazing night:)) I'm proud of you my dear!!! BTW, You look really fabulous! xx

  6. Aw, thanks Flara! You all are too kind =)