Sunday, July 10, 2011

Inspiration Organization...

I'm a huge fan of fashion magazines. I love them for their glossy pages, beautiful editorials, colorful advertisements, and of course reference images for my illustrations. In design school, we were taught to collect magazine tears religiously, which I thought was great because I already had a massive collection of fashion magazines I had been hanging onto since high school. But magazines are heavy and take up a lot of room (especially 5 years worth of them) so now I go through collective purging when they start to take up too much space in our little NYC apartment. I've been meaning to take all those tears and organize them somehow but the task seemed so daunting. Over the past four weekends, I've been working on this project a little at a time. Over 300 cellophane sleeves later, I have my book and I am so thrilled at how easy and wonderful it is to flip through and get inspired. Here's how to make your own:

Step 1: Gather a collection of your favorite magazines.
Step 2: Flip through and pull tears of your favorite images, products, clothes, editorials-- anything that catches your fancy and makes you happy
Step 3: Trim the edges so that each page will fit nicely in a cellophane plastic sleeve
Step 4: Slide your tears into a protective sleeve and organize them in a binder however best suits your creative method. I like to arrange my images in two page spreads that relate to one another by color, theme, mood, etc.

Once you're finished, you've not only organized that messy notebook/folder/pile of loose pages that's been hanging around, you've created the best magazine ever, curated by you! Now if you're ever feeling uninspired, lost, confused, and unable to find your voice, open this book and it will be full of everything that you find to be beautiful. Think of it as a bible of your personal aesthetic. Enjoy!

p.s. Doesn't Emma Watson look beautiful on Vogue's July cover? I may just have to draw that...
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  1. Done:) I'm your new follower:) xoxo

  2. Oh wow I can't believe you've compiled all your inspirations to make one big GIANT book of inspiration. I haven't gotten there yet since I downsized so much moving to New York from Toronto. But mostly I treasure my Vogue Paris' and Numeros' a little too much to tear haha.

    Meag xx

  3. Flara- Thanks so much! You rock!

    Meag- Lol! I told my mom about my little project and she diligently reminded me how many magazines are still taking up space at home. So not everything is in my book but most of my favorites are. I might have to start book two soon. And of course Vogue Paris and British Vogue stay enshrined on my shelf... I (literally) can't afford to tear those up =)

  4. Joanna!! You just made my DAY!! I can't believe Laduree will be on the UES in September. That suddenly makes me wish I had never left my old address. Oh man they better get ready for me to eat out there store lol. Thank-you for the most wonderful news.

    Meag xx