Saturday, June 18, 2011

Face Study...

I've been drawing most of the afternoon and evening. I would show you what I was working on the majority of my day except that I went too far and ruined it. So frustrating. I think that's one of the hardest things to learn as an artist: when to stop. I took a moment and went back to the drawing board, literally. Here's a quick 'face' study I drew to make myself feel better. I hope you like! Tomorrow's a new day, I'll rummage through my inspiration images and pick something fun to work on. 

P.S. Does any one use Pinterest? It's like Etsy treasuries only with any image on the web. So addicting!


  1. I like it. Keep on keep'n on! :)

  2. Yes keep on going girl!! It is wonderful to find a blog that mirrors exactly what I'm going through. Having just graduated from illustration, I know it's all up to me now to stay motivated, to learn when to stop, to challenge myself. It's comforting to find you.

    Meag xx

  3. Thank you, Meagan! You made my day. I've been trying recently to put my work out there in the hopes of getting a glimmer of validation. You have given me just that! I read your comments on my lunch break today and it just made me want to get home and draw. I think it's hard to shake the self doubt and insecurity that comes with entering new territory... graduating, trying to make a career for yourself. But I truly believe that it's easier not to go it alone and if we support and encourage each other, we'll all get to where we want to be. Even if we don't quite know where that is yet =) Thanks again for your kind words, I look forward to seeing what you paint next!

  4. Hi Joanna, love this one!she's so beautiful!

    Her features are stunning! I see some loneliness in her eyes...

  5. Thanks, Sunny! I really appreciate your support. You are so talented! I'm glad I found you =)